Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fresh new B.Wynn Si Si Sliders

We have a new Si Si Sliders in stock now! A design effort b/t Jamie Kelly and Brian Wynn, the Si Si Slider is a great noserider but also turns on a dime. With Brian shaping and Jamie putting his artistic flare into the glass jobs these boards are on point. If insane noserides are on your to do list this summer grab up a Si Si Slider, they are going fast.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bing Longboards in stock

We have a bunch of BING longboards in stock as well as the NEW Bing Book- 50 years of craftsmanship.

Bings in stock...

  • 10' Silver Spoon - Blue tint
  • 10' Lovebird - Red bottom/spanish card deck
  • 9'10 NR2 - Sage green/gray tint
  • 9'8 Silver Spoon - Apple green w/ red and green splotches
  • 9'8 Gold Standard - white bottom/ice blue deck
    9'8 Original Noserider - classic 5 stick stringer w/ black and red HD foam tailblock
  • 9'6 Silver Spoon - Yellow cream opaque T&B SOLD
  • 9'6 Lightweight stepdeck - green bottom/flower deck
  • 9'6 Pintail lightweight - Bluegray opaque resin tint SALE
  • 9'4 Lovebird - green bottom/fabric inlay deck
    9'4 Goldstandard - Baby blue bottom/clear deck SALE

call the shop for pricing (609)398-6390